4 Things to Look for in a Teach English Abroad Program

Before you can head out to the far-reaches of the world and share your knowledge with others, you have to be certified in a Teach English Abroad program by a TEFL Certification organization. The quality of the program you choose will determine how much impact you have on your students.

That’s why you need to look for these 4 things in any potential TEFL program:

1.International Accreditation

Getting a TEFL Certification does you no good if it can’t be used everywhere. That’s why you need to make sure that your potential Teach English Abroad (TEFL Certification) program has met all of the proper international accreditation standards.

There are lots of accreditation organizations out there. But if you see a program that’s accredited by ACCREDITAT, that’s a sign you’re dealing with a good one. ACCREDITAT has a long list of standards that programs have to meet.

2.Expert advice about Teaching English Abroad

A certificate from TEFL Institute will allow you to teach Conversational English anywhere in the world. Because you’ll be certified to Teach English Abroad, there is no telling where you could end up. You could get a job anywhere from Vietnam to Argentina! So, before you hop on a plane and head off to a brand new life, you’ll want to know as much about the area you’re going to as possible.

That’s where a good TEFL Certification program comes in.

A good TEFL Certification program will provide you with skills to create class lesson plans, thematic units, and even understand cultural differences. TEFL Institute will give you all kinds of practical information — like how much it costs to live in your particular city and where to head for a good, home-cooked meal. A good TEFL school will also have an active Alumni Group; library of TEFL lesson plans and class videos; and great connections.

3.Help getting a job to Teach English Abroad

Just learning about different parts of the world isn’t good enough. You also need a TEFL program that can help you get to them! The good teach English Abroad schools are genuinely interested in helping you make your dreams come true. That’s why they have TEFL Advisors on staff to help you take full advantage of every option. They’ll also have a strong alumni network that can help you find job opportunities after you graduate.

Before you sign up for any courses, talk to your potential school about they don’t seem excited about helping you find the perfect adventure, they’re not the school for you!

4.Hands-on Teaching

Every TEFL program will have classroom work. However, the good ones will also offer hands-on instruction.After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll head into a classroom and see what it’s really like to teach English abroad. That way, you’ll be fully-prepared when you stand up in front of your own class!