An Introduction To The Various Comptia Certification Programs

A certification program from a reputed association adds on to the value of a portfolio. These are indicators of the person?s knowledge and expertise in the related field. CompTIA, abbreviation for The Computing technology Industry association, which is a non-profit trade association functioning since 1982 provides several CompTIA certification programs.

One of the most known of the CompTIA certifications is the A+ certification program. The A+ certification CompTIA is basically designed for the qualification of computer technician and is highly regarded by software and mainly hardware vendors. Certification program consists of two exams the A+ hardware exam and the A+ operating system technologies exam, on the basis of which the trainee will be provided his or her A+ certification CompTIA. The skills which are usually put into test for the CompTIA certification programs primarily is the trainee or student?s ability to perform various tasks related to basic computer hardware and operating systems like networking, installation, configuration, preventive maintenance and diagnostics of problems.

There are other CompTIA certifications too like

The Network+ certification.
The Server+ CompTIA certification.
Security+ certification.
Linux+ certification.

Few other lesser known programs include.

HTI+ certification: Abbreviation for home technology integrator, it covers the installation, integration and troubleshooting of automated home sub-systems.
CDIA+: This is a certification program for document management and enterprise content management.
Ebiz+ certification: It involves the basic knowledge of e-commerce.
CTT+ is another of the CompTIA certification program for training professionals.