Benefits Of The CompTia Certification

As a technology industry standard, the CompTIA certification measures software and hardware knowledge and ability. Statistics indicate that the professionals possess this kind of certification usually garner much higher salaries than those in the field who do not. Below is some information about the many benefits of certification.


Professionals interested in studying for certification may review study guides prior to the exam. Those who pass the exam not only have the knowledge necessary to qualify for numerous opportunities, but will experience increased morale as a result. Employers will definitely take notice upon accreditation, and potential new employers may put you at the top of their candidate list.

Skills Gained

Professional who pass this exam will acquire the ability to master:

– Basic installation

– Complete configurations

– Operation

– Security

– Management

– Maintenance

– Administration

– Documentation

– Hardware

– Troubleshooting for servers, operating systems and workstations

Career Options

This technical certification has motivated as many as 85{62753bda712f8726ff506772054b8eb8cc86c22a15ff97c29e4cab436a2dfc3b} of those who obtain it toward career furtherance. There is no doubt that adding as many certifications as possible to your individual portfolio make you more valuable in the marketplace. The flexible and diverse your abilities become, the better the chance that you will qualify to explore some of the following careers:

– PC Technician

– Help Desk Support

– Field Service Consultant

– Research and Development

– Manufacturing Departments

– PC Repair

– Development of best practices and standards

– Beta updates

– Influence in economic arenas

– Educational program development

– Participate in global technology awareness

It is estimated that certified professionals earn between 5 and 15{62753bda712f8726ff506772054b8eb8cc86c22a15ff97c29e4cab436a2dfc3b} more than peers who are not certified.

Business Reputation

Whether you choose to work as an employee of a company or strike out on your own, certification allows you to display the logo on resumes and other business materials. This demonstrates that you take your profession seriously, which translates to more respect and regard. That will lead to far more professional opportunities of many kinds.

Cost Savings

As an individual or business owner, the knowledge gained from certification also has the benefit of being in a position to repair your own equipment. This can become a large cost savings over time, as repair personnel salaries continue to rise.

Many other multi-part certification programs require having this certification and will offer credit for having it, for example:


– HP

– CompUSA

– MCSA program from Microsoft Corporation.

Company Business Benefits

The ways that companies benefit from having certified employees are numerous and continue to grow:

– Ability to use A+ logo

– Higher competence levels

– Productivity increased

– Training costs lessened

– Standardized recruitment and hiring

– Enhanced customer satisfaction

– Repeat customers

Vendor Neutrality

This certification is neutral, meaning that professionals holding it will have opportunities with many solutions providers on multiple sales channels. The regular updates include expanding the topics and knowledge exam passage requirements.


Below are the main reasons to consider this kind of technical certification:

– Personal confidence and satisfaction

– Increased career options

– Higher compensation

– Enhanced business reputation

– Cost savings

– Additional business opportunities and expansion

– Company benefits

The benefits to acquiring the CompTIA certification are many. From the level of confidence that it carries, to the higher compensation, career path options may be greatly extended. Many technology industry leaders require that their staff possess certification and those who have it are more likely to be in a position to participate in special projects with cutting edge teams developing interesting new programs and products.