Blended Learning

Recently, universities in Germany offer to take a course on a new program that has combined the classic tour lecture halls and work online . Called this form of learning “Blended learning” – ” combined training ” . So far , mainly on the following principle is retraining or obtaining a second higher education. Thus , graduate , already has a bachelor’s degree , can get his masters degree in the industry , where he is busy , not looking up. Education for such programs offer already quite a few universities in Germany , mainly in the humanities or in the field of IT.

How is the training

Nevertheless, the basic work , students working their own. This type of training is suitable for those who can not by force of circumstances traditionally attend lectures and seminars at the university, but at the same time wants to get a quality education .

During online learning , students participate in video conferences , listen to lectures and classmates are training, working in groups with the support of teachers, professors receive counseling , exams – all without leaving your home .

Disadvantages of the combined training …

Combined Training , as the symbiosis of classical and online training, intended to combine the best of both forms of teaching . The main drawback, which experts say , is that such training requires a high degree of self-organization and personal control. The material may remain undeveloped or misunderstood . Often there is no social contact between classmates , if , for example, in the classroom , they are seen rarely , and in group work in online do not provide professional moderator .

There are times when some members joined-up ” classes at a distance “does not show sufficient activity. Experts attribute this to the fact that in any group , sooner or later identifies the leaders , often based on gender, because of the activity which the other students take a conference or seminar only a nominal part . When classes are held in the classroom, the teacher is easier to control the process and avoid similar problems. In online work as moderator needs sufficient experience and availability of appropriate skills in education administration.

A new form of training has become her fansOn the other hand , the combined training of a maximum manner is aimed at training and employment needs of each of the participants in the program . If the standard teaching in the lecture hall of all students are expected to some common level of training and classes run by a standard scheme , where individual talents and skills are not taken into account, lessons on technique Blended learning allows each student to choose the pace of development of material and priorities in school.

Students receive optimal support for necessary matters in accordance with existing skills and challenges of a student himself or his employer. At the same time achieve maximum consistency between the employment and training processes. And in general , as experts and students , training for such a combined program that combines live and interactive communication – the process is very exciting and interesting .