Career Options After a pg Diploma in Finance

Life is a constant race focused solely towards our career paths. When we appear for our 10th board exams, there’s a constant pressure of performing well so that we get into the stream of our choice. Similarly, 12th is considered a deciding year since we are at the crossroads of our educational life, and the scores can have the most important implication in deciding a college. Each decision we take is centered towards the final goal we want to achieve and that goal is making a nice career. Even after graduation, people are confused regarding what to do next. Here’s a brief summary of career options for finance graduates.

Firstly, if you have completed just a bachelor’s degree in finance, it would be advisable to opt for a master’s degree or a post graduate diploma in finance. There are various well defined reasons for the same.

Another important aspect you should keep in mind is the college you choose for post graduate studies. The name of a reputed college can get you those extra 10k or 20k added in your salary! A reputed college such as Indian Institute of Financial Planning and the likes can have such a positive effect on your CV.

Here are a few popular career options after completing pg in finance:

From among various other career options, one can become a mutual fund manager, act as the sales representative and help in selling financial schemes, provide all kinds of financial assistance, work in the finance department of firms etc.