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Why Study NLP? One Question, Multiple Answers

Why Study NLP? It is a question that people who are not familiar with NLP usually asks. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is incredibly beneficial in terms of building relationships with others. It will teach a person how to be efficient in different areas of a relationship. It’s important for individuals, for family members, for students, for employees, for bosses, and… Read more →

The Concept of Smart Holidays Called 'IT Education Tourism'

Changes in the global labor market, rapid development of the IT sector and the habits of people have converged into ‘IT Arbitrage’, a company offering IT Education Tourism to India. IT Education Tourism is an invitation to professionals and amateurs, students and companies, groups and individuals worldwide to benefit from price differences in the cost of IT education and certification… Read more →

How To Encourage Children

Studies have long shown that the way in which parents praise their children is of vital importance, when it comes to getting results. “We are becoming praise junkies as parents,” says Jenn Berman PhD., author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Kids and a marriage and family therapist. “Though well-intentioned, putting kids on a pedestal… Read more →