Child Care in Mississauga

Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada. There are many child care centers in the city providing care for little ones and there are many Montessori schools as well. But there are only a handful of centres that provide care for infants which leads to very long waiting lists. There are not many centers that provide extra-curricular activities.

Therefore there are some important factors for parents to consider before registering their child at a centre. What kinds of extra-curricular activities does the centre engage the children in? Is French delivered at the centre and is it at an extra charge or included in the curriculum?

Some questions to ask are- whether the programming is based on a curriculum and what areas will the centre be covering in terms of social studies, math, language arts, science.

Children also need enrichment to develop all parts of their brain. So apart from the academic aspect is there music or dance as a part of the curriculum of the centre. Also apart from the regular music in the school are there areas of music that the school covers focused on Orph, dalcroze etc.

Dance is very important to children and helps them develop their gross motor skills. There are other activities that the school can do to develop different skills in children. The parents should also ask questions on field trips, about important people visiting the children like community workers, service workers etc.

Another important aspect the parents need to understand is that just because a centre has been in existence for multiple years does not make it great since the government was less stringent on requirements to grant a license in the past and as time goes on they have been more stringent on requirements that the centres have to meet to get their license. The government usually grandfathers the old centres as they were approved a long time ago. So the fact actually is that the newer centres have better facilities and policies and procedures.

Although Mississauga is a large city there must only be a handful of centres that will offer the right programming on academic and enrichment and offer everything that we have discussed above. It is important for parents to search and make a decision based on what they would like for their child and Mississauga offers a lot of options on just child care but a handful of options on quality care and learning.