Chiropractic Medicine Degree Requirements

The highly paid medical profession of chiropractic care is greatly respected and more individuals are turning to this non-surgical form of healing. This profession is gained through schooling that requires a lot of hard work and determination, but once through the other side a multitude of career options await.

Prospective students should adhere to the admission requirements set forth by the chiropractic graduate program they choose. Students who want to be considered for admission have to complete at least 90 semester credits of transferable coursework equaling to the amount needed for a bachelor’s degree. Chiropractic medicine schools require a minimum of at least a 2.5 grade point average or better to coincide with the presented degree. Of the 90 credit hours, 48 of them have to fall into certain core coursework, but requirements may vary depending on the school chosen.

Chiropractor students will learn and focus on 14 areas of clinical knowledge required by the Council on Chiropractic Education. Students will join the fast growing field and gain knowledge of the holistic and natural health practices that make up chiropractic care. This branch of healing is based upon the foundation that solid health rests upon a well functioning nervous system, which primarily is the spine and nerves connected to the rest of the body. The practice focuses on the relationship of the spinal column and nervous system. The goal is to correct misalignments that make the body more susceptible to disease. Chiropractors help relieve pain and problems caused by misalignments by manipulating the areas of the spine that have shifted out of alignment.

Students will participate and learn from their coursework specifically related to the practice and health care. Coursework will include anatomy, physiology, chemistry, diagnosis, neurology, along with pathology, and bacteriology. Schools breakdown the program in trimesters. A standard rate including tuition and fees will range roughly around $7,000 to $8,000 per trimester depending on school of attendance.

The discipline of this graduate program requires motivation and is equal to what primary health care professionals have to accomplish to become a doctor. The program follows undergraduate study in biology and science and takes approximately four to five years to accomplish. Upon completion of the program a student will have to pass a national and state exam to obtain their licensure. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners provides one exam referred to as the Board certification. The purpose is to develop and maintain a national standard for working chiropractors. The other exam taken is the licensure given by the state that the practitioner will be working in. Most states also require chiropractors to complete a certain amount of continuing education hours every year to maintain their license.

With the continual growth of the public wanting chiropractic care the time, money, and determination will pay off. With the interest from patients the number of jobs will also increase. The job market is predicted to increase 14 percent by 2016, which is considered above average. If this trend continues looking for another career or job may not ever be necessary allowing a practitioner to retire after a successful career.

If, like the chiropractic oath dictates, serving humanity, alleviating human suffering, living in harmony in your own life, bringing strength to the sick, peace of mind, helping people attain good health, and more sounds exciting and interesting join others in this pursuit and search out accredited chiropractic colleges near you.

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