Corporate Bigwigs Share Words of Wisdom With The Silver Jubilee Batch of Bimtech on Its Commencement

Commencement Day is very special for any batch of a top-notch B-school. But when there is a ‘silver’, ‘gold’ or ‘diamond’ attached to your course, it is as if even time has marked you out as something special 390 students drawn from 20 different states, with multidisciplinary educational and cultural backgrounds, were united on the 16th of June 2012 in one such exceptional moment on the BIMTECH Campus of Greater Noida, as its ‘Silver Jubilee Course’.

The Commencement Day began with a power-packed panel discussion on ‘Expectations of Corporates from Management Trainees – How to Prepare for Challenges Ahead’. The panelists comprised the ‘who’s who’ of the corporate world in Mr. Rajeev Bhadauria, Group Director, HR, JSPL, Mr. Deepak Bharara, Director-HR Lanco and Mr. C.S. Raju, Head of Plant HR, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. As the moderator, Professor R.J. Masilamani, Marketing and Strategy, BIMTECH, peppered the panel discussion with his trademark sagacity and wit.

Mr. C. S. Raju set the ball rolling for an ideological duel of sorts with his observation that ‘young managers of today are among the most confused lot.’ Mr. Bhadauria responded to this by deliberating on the finer points of ‘confusion’.

“Lehmann Brothers was the representative of the most modern management practices. In the past, the practices that were followed in Lehmann Brothers were studied in B-schools as a part of modern management education. So all of you should know that even with all the management techniques and with all the corporate best practices… we failed. Friends, I’m not here today to give you a prescription of what you should be doing, or what is expected; because, frankly speaking, today nobody knows what is exactly to be expected.”

Speaking with great eloquence and insight, Mr. Bhadauria went on to establish that the most experienced are the most confused, because they first have a lot of ‘unlearning’ to do; then relearning; and then they have to use those learning in the workplace. Therefore, students of this generation are better off.

“You are lucky to be entering a premium B-school like BIMTECH, with the crisis behind you. In Newtonian terms, you are in active inertia.” He then put in perspective the global economic goings on of the last two decades for the new entrants to BIMTECH, hoping at the end that it would help them relate better to their classroom teaching at BIMTECH.

A fresh set of panelists – entirely comprising veteran faculty members took the Silver Jubilee batch of BIMTECH through ‘One Day@ BIMTECH’. The 45-minute long session revolved around the various aspects of life in BIMTECH and what was expected of a BIMTECH student.

A serious round-table discussion ensued on ‘Maximizing Opportunities and Brand Creation For Students’ was held during the second half of the day. In this hour-long session, understandably, the panelists were entirely from the BIMTECH faculty.

The final session after the tea-break was dedicated to the subject ‘BIMTECH -Vision, Mission, Values and Ethics’. The seriousness with which BIMTECH takes the subject could be discerned from the fact that those in conversation comprised the top-brass of BIMTECH in Dr. H. Chaturvedi, Professor & Director, Dr. Anupam Varma, Professor & Deputy Director and Dr. A. Sahay, Professor & Dean – Research.

Drawing an undeniable connection between rampant corruption and the deterioration of the economy over time, Dr. Sahay reminded the future managers to prepare themselves for the marathon of life and not the sprint of getting a job.

“The glory of management lies in entrepreneurship, which is basically creating one’s own desired future. BIMTECH is a wellspring for polishing your skills in entrepreneurship and other desired life skills for students who want to be their own bosses.”

The concluding Commencement Day Oration revolved around the most worrisome of all scourges afflicting the Indian economy – corruption. Prof. N.K. Venu, a veteran of financial journalism, reminded the future managers sitting in front of him that the private sector is to be blamed equally for its role in creating this extremely non-transparent and corrupt regime when it comes to having a policy of allocation of resources.

“The state of lawlessness that prevails in India has gone out of control due to a dangerous mix of bad policies, reconstitutions and corrupt government, lack of governance, etc. Indian companies have also lost sight of excellence with values.”

Prof. Shri P.N. Vijay advised the students to look for values that spring from commitment and faith in something higher.

“Values represent a set of qualities that are with you forever, so it is extremely important for students to have values in mind.”

With their very first day being acutely thought-provoking, it was not surprising to find youngsters of the Silver Jubilee batch animatedly discussing the possibilities of even more exciting times ahead at BIMTECH, after this concluding session.