Digital Film Making Courses

The production of animated movies is growing every year. There are several outlets for animation like movies, advertisements and video games. Animation attracts youths and kids because it crystallizes their imagination. Research has found that kids and youths have a keen interest in building a fantasy world of their own. Animation is the only tool that can colour their fantasies. On an average Hollywood churns out one animated movie every week. The craze for digital film making is gradually engulfing the entire world. In recent times there have been incidences when two animated films were released simultaneously like Astro Boy and Fly Me To The Moon. In order to mitigate the growing demand for digital work, many leading animation institutes are offering digital film making courses. The course curriculum comprises training on visual effects (popularly referred as VFX), stop motion, digital design, sound editing, non linear editing, modeling and texturing, lighting, particle and dynamics, character setup, skinning and character animation to name a few.

The interest of the youth on animation can be better understood in two parts. The interest begins with watching animated films and playing video games and that gradually translates into the desire to become an animator. It has also been observed that kids and youth have a liking for action oriented stuff and animation gives them an opportunity to full fill their desire. The virtual world gives them an opportunity to full fill their zest for action and energy.

Recent findings reveal that the use of animation is growing beyond depiction of action sequences; it is also used to give life to our fairytale characters. The Shrek and The Ice Age series are some example.

Digital film making also teaches to make the unreal look real. For example Avatar and The Lord of The Rings are great examples of digital film making, whether it?s the Pandora planet in Avatar or the battle sequences in The Lord of The Rings they were all created digitally, but not even for a single second did it appear unreal.

We have always heard that movies transport us to a dreamland and animation has strengthened that belief. Digitally made movies are doing wonders to viewers of every age group. Children enjoy animation because it gives life to their fairytale stories, youth like animation because it gives a boost to their dreams and adults like animation because it takes them back to their childhood days. Since digitally made movies have so many benefits they are bound to be loved by all.