Disability Getting You Down – There's Financial Help

A disability always tends to impact the entire life of the person suffering from it, right from the physical discomfort to the mental pressure to the financial stress, it’s not easy handling the situation, to say the least. Even for these around the person with disability, i.e., friends and family, also have their task cut out, since taking care of the affected person is also a very difficult thing, particularly when one has so many responsibilities of their own family. Hence, as you can see, things are pretty difficult for disabled persons. And the financial crunch that follows as a result of the disability makes it even worse. However, there is relief in the form of tax benefits for people suffering from a disability.

The eligibility criteria for this is nothing specific as such, since it all depends from person to person, and how the problem is perceived. There are basically two steps for receiving the credits in a completely legal manner. First, the person needs to have either a physical or mental disability that is of a rather severe scale. Also, he/she must be having this condition since at least one year from the date of applying for credits. Next up is a stamp of approval from a qualified medical practitioner, who needs to confirm that the patient has indeed been suffering from a serious condition since more than a year. This is validated by issuing a disability Tax Credit certificate, which must also mention the extent of problems the ailment is causing in the day to day life of the patient.

Further, in case of people who don’t have a taxable income, there is a provision to pass on the benefits to the next of kin or friend, who takes care of the victim financially. All in all, there is plenty of support for disabled persons from the government. All that is needed is one initiative to come ahead and speak out. The rest would work out just fine!