Documents Required For Visa Applications Of Student And Family Immigration

India remains the country’s maximum number of students sent abroad, academics, and the U.S. are the most important place. Applying for visas is one of the most important tasks, and can be a long process, especially given the stringent rules imposed by the United States in recent years. Students must apply for a visa at all to do with the preparations. Documents required for student visa, as follows:

First A valid passport for at least six months after your visit. If a very old photo attached with a passport, one recent clip photo page link.

Second Two photocopies of the passport page and a photocopy of each one of the last page and pages that contain the “comments”, if any.

Third The visa application form DS-156 DS-157 (for applicants aged 16 to 45 years of age), and DS-158 should be fully completed, with al questions answered. These forms can be downloaded or forms.These clicking on immigrations forms can be completed online and sent. DS-156 must be printed back to back. Forms and Acrobat format can be downloaded and completed in black ink and block capitals. Click at the e-Visa application forms for electronic DS-156 form.

4th Passport size photograph no more than six months must be attached to the visa form.

5th Getting paid to VFS must be attached.

6th Form I-20 (which is the United States, Homeland Security, colleges, universities and professional schools, which provide additional information on a student visa or status changes in a document issued by the issue), the original should be presented.

7th The original High school diploma or higher in combination with the leaves.

8th Results of tests such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT or LSAT, a standardized test, or if not, then the college or university waiving testing requirements letter.

9th Art and design students are recommended to carry your wallet.

Tourist visa times when people talk about the U.S. Immigration from Thailand, because Thailand is not the United States list of countries that are entitled to a visa waiver. For this reason, many couples try to “kill two bird with one stone” and toured the U.S. and leaving open the possibility of a wedding and a possible change in status to remain in the United States. Note: to enter the country on a tourist visa, the visa holder is specifically stating that they do not aim to remain in the U.S. as a resident, lying about it is a fraud, and may be punishable by imprisonment and fines. It is not advisable to use a tourist visa, if you have immigrant intent

K1 visa

K1 fiancee Visa is used by those who have not yet been legally married, but wants to go to U.S. for marriage. K1 is a “hybrid” visa that he is a non-immigrant visa to a specific departure date, but it leaves open the possibility to adjust status and then permanent residence.

Immigrant spouse visa

CR1 immigrant visa and and1 spouse visa that gives the Thai spouse’s permanent residence after arrival in the United States. Those who choose a spouse immigrant visa is usually done because the status of the adjustment is not necessary, after the Thai spouse enters the United States.

K3 Marriage Visa

K3 was once a very fast alternative to CR-1 and IR-1 Visa, which at the same time it can take as long as 3 years old, ordinary spouse visa to be processed. Now, the waiting time for visas between the two is negligible, but it is still possible that the CR-1 can be completed prior to adjudication K3. There are a number of strategic use of the K3, it can be used for “local shop.” It means that you can use to select the Embassy of the K3, they want to use, but it is very technical in nature and should try to use only after consultation with U.S. immigration attorney forum shopping K3.