E-learning- A Growing Trend in India

The world has witnessed revolutions in all sectors of service post globalization, thus modernizing them. The education sector has seen multiple advancements and changed considerably over the years. The traditional system of learning has now been replaced by the online mode of education. The conventional lectures in schools and colleges have now been replaced by e-lectures, notes have been replaced by e-notes, etc. Online learning has evolved gradually all over the world and sees a tremendous scope for development in India.

E-learning has been introduced as an initiative of modern learning in India with the right use of technology. It has been introduced at all levels right from the primary section to the higher studies level. E-classes, e-notes etc cater to the educational syllabus of school kids and make studying easy and interesting for them by introducing fun-filled learning. It is said that the genius brains of tomorrow cannot be moulded in a classroom. A child understands a thing better when he actually sees it. Online education makes this possible by combining education with interesting videos and pictures in order to teach concepts better.

E-learning has been introduced for higher education as well. Professional degree courses such as Ph.D, Management, etc which are in huge demand at the corporate level are now increasingly being offered through the mode of online education. Online MBA programs tend to educate the aspiring managers through a right blend of industry-standard knowledge and expert skills to ensure they excel in their career. These skills are imparted through video lectures, online notes and study material, etc. In order to facilitate interactivity between the students and professors and ensure effective doubt clearing, video conferencing is used to enhance the image of the programs.

Advantages of E-learning

Online education offers you a number of advantages over a full-time course. It gives you the liberty to study according to your preferences and set your own pace for learning. You can pursue your desired course from the desired university sitting at home. It allows you to choose your preferred time and location for learning, provided you have an internet connection. It makes understanding concepts easy by making the notes and other course material available 24*7 online. You can revise thoroughly before exams and also choose your nearest examination centre. It also prevents undue expenses on travelling or hostel fess, in contrast to a full-time course.

Online education opens up a number of opportunities for you at the national as well as international level. It helps students to pursue education from their desired colleges or universities without actually having to travel to college daily. It is of utmost convenience, especially for working executives opting for higher academic certifications, as it does not interfere with their daily schedule. Although the pace of development of E-learning is slow in India, many students and working professionals have begun enrolling their names into online courses. With its multiple advantages, it serves as the most promising mode of education and is sure to see a bright future all over the world.