Educational Trips For Students Abroad

Dear Diary,

I believe today is the happiest day of my life because I have been offered a trip to abroad by my school authority. I was so surprised to get the news in the morning that I came back home immediately and started the packing. I didn’t leave a single hair band of mine. Amidst of everything, I didn’t forget to take my Pooh (soft toy) along with me for the trip. Though, there are two more days to go, but I am enjoying every moment of the excitement. Now, I realize, Mom is right because she always says if I study hard, I will get ample opportunities. I hope, all my life I will come across a number of opportunities.


The present day scenario of Schools has changed a lot as compared to the Schools of earlier times. Apart from imparting just bookish education, schools also take their students to educational tours, which have proved to be helpful for them to gather knowledge about many places, their culture and many more things. There are top schools in India like Delhi Public School, Hyderabad which every year takes its students to different countries like Egypt, Australia, etc. Practical knowledge has always been considered as better than the theoretical knowledge. It helps an individual to understand or gather knowledge intensely from the root level.

Visiting a place physically helps a student to learn a lot about the place in a more detailed manner and it also remains in their mind for the whole life of that student. This kind of exposure encourages the students to get more open to the world and have a clear concept about different countries of the world and their cultures. Earlier, the monotonous life in schools used to bring boredom to the students. However, the new way of teaching has been proved to be really supportive for the students to get attention in schools and their academics. The ways of teaching in schools have undergone a lot of change more than the earlier ways of teaching. Schools emphasize more on practical works than teaching theoretical knowledge.

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