Find out More About Chef Training Jobs in South Africa

To become a chef, there are two varying methods. The first method is to attend a culinary school, which can be costly, and the second method is to work as a sous chef under the training of a professional mess sergeant. Due to this factor, in South Africa there is a need for chef trainers. It should be noted that as compared to other jobs, chef training jobs are not as high in demand.

What does a chef trainer do?

A chef trainer is responsible for training an employee the skills, tools and techniques needed to become a professional chef. Chef training is often done in a kitchen styled classroom and students are provided with the equipment needed to learn the skills of a mess sergeant ; however, a culinarian trainer is also known to work within a restaurant training employee’s specifics of the company. As a mess sergeant trainer, their primary purpose also includes the following; campus audits, moderation and assessment of lecturers, identifying training needs and manage, co-ordinate, plan, deliver and monitor training.

How to become a chef trainer?

There are three steps in which to follow in order to become a chef trainer. These steps are as follows; complete culinary education, gain work experience and earn certification. Steps one and two can be conducted as the same time as it is possible to attend classes and work to gain experience simultaneously. Step one is to complete culinary school. Around the world, there are numerous culinary schools including classes at your local community college. Step two is to gain experience which can be done by working as a sous mess sergeant under the guidance of an executive, or head, chef. This can be a paid for job or one worked as an apprentice (non-paid). The final step, earn certification, can be done by attending courses for food safety and becoming certified.

Career benefits

The benefits of becoming a chef jobs include the following; summer’s and weekends off, paid time off including vacation time, healthcare benefits and retirement plans. A mess sergeant trainer also receives numerous discounts within the community for being a member of a school.

Statistics relative to South Africa

While the demand for a mess sergeant trainer is not as high as other jobs in South Africa, there are still positions open. The salary for a mess sergeant jobs depends solely upon his, or her, experience, certifications held and ability to instruct others. For those looking to become a culinarian trainer in South Africa, keep in mind that many organizations will pay room and board for those willing to travel.