Foreign Credential Evaluation Agency: Their Know-how Means Success To Immigrant Professionals

If you have worked your whole life to be a respected and qualified member of your line of work, then it can be really exasperating to find that no one will accept you once you move to the United States. Taking advantage of what America can offer is very wearisome when there are those that won’t even give you a chance and judge you before they know you.
Many new immigrants to the United States face this problem. Industries in the United States are simply not familiar with how credentials are earned in other countries, and therefore do not know how to correctly evaluate your resume. This is especially true when it comes to foreign degree academic evaluation.
The foreign credential evaluation agency can assist those who didn’t get their degree in America and need to show their future employers that they are qualified in a particular field. They can also help those that have the necessary qualifications and want to be accepted into a graduate program at an American university.
A foreign credential evaluation agency works at determining the level of schooling you have obtained and the requirements you have fulfilled. The staff will aid you in eliciting and providing necessary information about the school you graduated from and whether your program and your marks qualified you according to United States standards.
You will have to provide many documents when you are working along side a foreign credential evaluation agency to get a foreign education equivalency. Photocopies of transcripts, diplomas, certificates and English translations of each may be expected. As well as having these copies, you may need to show the original documents also.
You will also be expected to pay a certain amount, which will depend on how complicated your situation is and how much paperwork you need filled out by the agency. It is sometimes acceptable to ask for expedited service, although that is likely to prove rather costly. The usual turnaround time can run from one work week to a full month, depending upon the particular agency. So-called “rush service” might be completed in anywhere from 12 hours to a full work week.
Once you pay the fee, the agency will first confirm that they have all required information, and will contact you by mail or phone if they need any additional documents or data. You should never try to use altered or forged documents. It is very easy for a foreign credential evaluation agency to spot fakes. Not only will you lose the money you paid in fees, the agency may contact U.S. authorities.