Give your Child a Head Start in Life

If you and your spouse are working professionals with children it can be difficult to balance your family and working life. Now that your child is of Nursery age that is between the ages of 1 to 5 it is best to put him or her in a nursery school or Preschool. A Nursery school is where you can send your child to socialize and learn along with children of his own age. A Workhub and Nursery school is different than a simple day care program because here your child is encouraged to learn through interactive educational play by trained professionals and teaching staff and is not just a child care program.

The ideal age to send your child to nursery school is between the age of one to five. There are many renowned Day Nurseries in SW18 area which impart quality early childhood education. A positive early childhood program is imperative for your child’s later growing years, instilling in him emotional stability, social responsibility and productive cognitive development. Nursery schools or ‘Kindergartens’ as they are referred to in Germany and many English speaking countries is where your child will begin to make his first friends and have interactions with the outside world.

In the Uk preschool education is fully funded by the government for children above the age of 3. Importance is given by training and care institutions here to inculcate in children Social, personal and emotional development. Children are also given early training in language and communication, which is very helpful in later years. A good Nursery school will also include basic academic training such as introduction to mathematics and knowledge of the world around them. Be sure that your Childs Nursery focuses on Physical and creative development for a whole rounded approach to his early years training. Preschool is where your child will develop his or her first feelings of independence and a sense of self. It is very important to prepare before sending him to preschool, explaining to him where he is going and all the fun things that he will learn before enrolling him there.

Your Workhub and Nursery should be proximate to each other for ease of commuting for you and your family. Make sure that when selecting a Nursery for your loved one to screen schools for health and safety parameters, teaching methods, teacher-child ratio, size of establishment and the utilities and facilities available for your child.