Home School Field Trips

If you are going over a specific subject with the group and you feel that a day trip would be beneficial, then that’s what you should do – go for a day trip. If you are engaged with to an encouragement family, or other families that home school their children, it’s always nice to do these learning field trips with others. However, there are a few ground rules that one should adhere to when planning one of these outings.

1) Determine the fees: Be insightful that some families are on a pretty tight spending budget and need to understand the impact on their bank account before they commit to the activity. Its best to always have all of the pricing information set before inviting others. This will cut down on the number of cancellations and unhappy surprises with fees that were unexpected.

2) Allowed ages: Not all field trips are activities that are suitable for all ages. Be mindful that your activities may not add value for all ages of children and really cut down on the ages that you invite in order to get the most from the trip. If you do decide to invite all ages, it may be best to split the groups up into two groups so different activities and levels of learning can take place at the particular event.

3) Special high points: Understand what the ambition of the field school trip is? What is it exactly that you want the young people to walk away with after attending this National park trip. Make sure you deliver this to the parents and little kids in preparation for the group excursion.

4) Size of the group: Depending on the size you may demand accessory assistants. Procure these assets before you open up the trip to a wide variety of additional children.