How Can Parents Help Students Who Want To Study Abroad In Italy

Your child may have a deep desire to experience a foreign country for a semester or a year in an Italy study abroad program. There are several areas you will want to check out in order to ensure that your son or daughter has a fun, successful and safe trip to Italy.


A superior study abroad in Italy program should offer guaranteed housing to your child. There could be nothing worse than to arrive in a foreign country, away from family and friends, perhaps not overly fluent in Italian, only to discover that you are on your own to find a place to stay for a semester or a year. A quality program will ensure that you have housing either on the campus of the Italian university where you will study or in a nearby apartment. Food may not be included in the program offerings, so it is best to determine if your housing has kitchen facilities. If, on the other hand, you have family or friends living in Italy, you can also make arrangements for your own housing in advance of your trip.

Support During an Italy Study Abroad Semester Or Year

As a parent, you will want to make sure that any study abroad in Italy program that your child wants to participate in comes with some type of round-the-clock emergency service. Programs also coordinate their emergency services with the host university, so that there is someone available to offer help whenever a need arises. This aspect of an Italy study abroad program offers peace of mind to both your son and daughter and to you at home. The support offered by a study abroad in Italy program should also include help with procuring a visa, health and safety guidelines and other aspects of support needed before your child’s trip to Italy.


Programs offering study abroad in Italy opportunities typically last from one semester to one year. However, shorter study programs are available, and typically offered during school holiday times. You will want to find out if tuition is included in the fees charged by educational programs, and if help is available for credit transfers and course approval between the host and home universities. Assistance with financial aid may also be needed before leaving for Italy; you can check to see what scholarships may be available.

By examining the offerings of different study abroad in Italy programs, you will ensure that your child is participating in a quality program that offers peace of mind before your child leaves home for a stay at an Italian university.