How Easy It Is to Obtain Admission in Dental Colleges in UAE?

Getting enrolled in the top quality medical institute is always a desire and dream of the medical students. The obvious reason is that they want to ensure that their time and money to be invested may not go wasted and breed positive return on investment. Hence, the quality of education and reliability of the institution are the key factors that influence the decision making process of the student. In addition to this, the cost of education and other overheads also matters as every student does not belong to well off family, so he may face financial problems as well. In short, all of these factors play their role in making a choice of institute for getting enrolled for any type of education and training.

In this regard, every administration that is focused on the nation building on the sustainable basis, will take certain actions that may address every one of the concerns listed above. The case is not restricted to the medical college admissions only. In any professional field, anyone who aspires to acquire admission will have the listed concerns that may disturb life and sleep of the candidate. Hence, it is a general responsibility of the administration of the state to ensure that every spectrum of the society gets and is able to enjoy the certain type of quality medical as well as other professional educational services. Environment of fair competition, quality research oriented faculty and conductive environment are very important.

In this regard, certain steps can be taken up on the behalf of the state. The most important thing in this regard is establishment of high quality professional, medical and dental colleges that can render the required services. If you deeply analyze the case of Dubai based medical and professional colleges, you will come across many ones that are indeed a symbol of quality education. RAK college of Dental Sciences can be taken as example to elaborate the case further. The college was established by the Ras Al Khaimah Human Development Foundation (RAK – HDF) RAK-HDF is a joint venture of Ras Al Khaimah Government, Al Ghurair Investments and ETA Ascon Group, Dubai.

Another remedy on the part of the administration can be to ensure the transparency in the admission process. Implementation of the policy based on meritocracy and real time merit worship can be the best source of motivation for the students who are brilliant and aspire to pursue their career in a particular field. The last but not the least is the factor of monetary rewards that can boost up their confidence. Medical scholarships are a great source of inspiration for the students if they are adopted and offered in a transparent manner. Scholarships are a sort of targeted subsidy for the students, who are either unable to meet their financial obligations, or outperform in the process of education.

In order to make the medical college admissions more transparent and attractive for the students, the medical colleges’ administration issues various medical and dental scholarships schemes.