Information on Various Courses Related to Networking

The course that is considered to be the best related to Networking is Cisco. Cisco further has a number of certifications which make the candidates eligible for becoming a professional in the field of networking. The most important course among the various courses is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or the CCIE, which is a technical certification provided by the different Cisco systems. These provide different important skills and knowledge which is required by a professional to operate, plan and prohibit the troubles that are required for convergence of the network infrastructures. CCIE has been described by the Cisco as the most prominent networking certification in the whole IT industry. This provides the special skills that are required by a person in the field of networking.

Another course is the CCNA Certification which is considered to be a second level Cisco Career Certification Examination. This course authenticates the ability in a person to install, operate and configure the router systems which are of medium size. This also includes the verification and implementation of the connections which are provided to the remote sites of WAN.

CCIE Security

This course of Cisco focuses on providing security to the networks which also endorse an individual to gain the specific knowledge related to specific security streams. This helps in providing security to the protocol and components such as ASA, VPN Solutions, IOS or the IPS. The people who have certified in this course are considered to be certified experts in configuring various complex networks.

CCIE Voice

This certification focuses on the expert level of knowledge which is associated with the CISCO voice program. A CCIE Certified person becomes capable of configuring, building and managing various complex networks. A person certified in this stream has no need to have the knowledge of IP routing until he/she is ensure of delivering the best quality service.


This is an examination which is considered to be the most important requirement for a person to be certified in CISCO. This means a person needs to go through a demanding lab examination. This examination is not of same tracks for all the levels. It differs depending on the level of examination a candidate is going through. This kind of lab has been made available only with a number of Cisco lab locations around the world like it is situated in Bangalore, Dubai, Brussels, Beijing, San Jose, Sao Paulo and is graded by the professional and trained proctors who make sure that the entire criterion is met and awarded accordingly.


This examination is considered to be a technical certification that is offered by the Cisco Services and makes it easy for a person to plan and operate various complex network infrastructures. There are two kinds of requirements which are to be met by the candidate. One is the written exam, which is conducted for two hours consisting of around 110 questions. Another is the lab examination which is considered to be an essentiality for the candidate to go through.