Irish Sayings And Phrases

Some handy phrase for when in Ireland;

Dia dhuit (jeeh ? ah ? gwit) Hello translates as ‘God be with you’

Dia is Muire dhuit (jeeh ? ah- iss mwira gwit) Hello literally translates as ‘God and Mary be with you’

Conas at? t?? (cun ? iss – a ? taw ? too) How are you?

T? m? ceart go leor? (taw ? mey- cart- guh- lower) I’m ok/fine.

C?ad M?le F?ilte (cade ? meela ?fawl ? che) A hundred thousand welcomes

Bail ? Dhia ort (ball ? o ? yeea ? urt) The blessing of God be with you

Le do thoil (le ? the ? hull) Please

Go raibh maith agat (guh ? rev- mah ? agut) Thanks

T? f?ilte romhat (taw ? fall-che ? row ?at) You are welcome

Sl?inte (slawn ? cha) Cheers/Good health

Sl?n (slawn) Goodbye

Sl?n abhaile (slawn ah ?wall-ya) Safe home

Sl?n go f?ill (slawn ? guh ? foh ? ell) Bye for a while

Sl?n agus beannacht (slawn ? auh-gus- ban-ockt) Goodbye and blessings with you

Go n-?ir? an b?thar leat (guh niyree an bow-har latt) Have a safe trip literally translates as ‘May the road rise with you’