Learn To Speak Spanish Software

What is the best Spanish learning program?

Before the Spanish learning program comparison; something needs to be written about what are the realistic results from any Spanish learning program. First and foremost it must be stated that no Spanish learning program can make you truly fluent in Spanish in spite of the marketing claims of the Spanish learning programs.

Many people agree that the only true way to learn a to speak Spanish fluently is through a complete language immersion in addition to several years of practice.

Nonetheless, a decent Spanish learning program should provide the basics. It should give you enough of a skill set to be conversational if you were dropped into the middle of a Spanish speaking country. It should instruct you on the written language as well as the spoken word. Lastly it should be affordable.

Three of the most popular learn to speak Spanish learning programs are compared in the tabled below. Each Spanish lesson program has some of its features compared to each other. The following Spanish learning programs are compared: Rocket Spanish, The Rosetta Stones, and The Pimsleur Method

Now here is our Spanish Learning program comparison chart:

Spanish Courses Reviewed Table
Rocket Spanish The Rosetta Stone The Pimsleur Method

translation YES NO NO

grammar YES NO NO

Teaches verb
conjugation YES NO NO

Has Audio
lessons YES NO YES

Money back
guarantee 50 days 6 months 30 days

Price $99 $209 or more $274 or more

As the chart reveals Rocket Spanish has the most YES’s and the best price when compared with it’s closest competaters: The Rosetta Stone and The Pimsleur Method. Rocket Spainish is the only course that includes lessons on Spanish on translation, grammar, and verb conjugation.

One draw back of Rocket Spanish is that it offers the second lowest money back guarantee time period at 50 days, according to the chart. However, 50 days should be more that able time to evalute the Rocket Spanish program

Nonetheless, it is clear that that Rocket Spanish offers the the best value for the dollar.