Modified Qwerty Keyboard to Help People Type in Chinese Language

While typing away furiously at your QWERTY keyboard that uses English based on the Roman alphabets, have you ever wondered how people following other languages might be able to type in their desired language? Well, a QWERTY keyboard that features English as well as Chinese characters that further offer a choice of the over 5,000 characters in Chinese is certainly making typing easier for people that wish to input data in the Chinese language.

Unlike English that is based merely on 26 letters and is easy to comprehend merely based on the spelling of each word, Chinese alphabets are mostly based on the phonetic principles and pronunciation is accorded much more importance rather than writing, which in turn makes it very difficult to devise a keyboard to input the chosen letters.

The Chinese alphabets too are based mostly in 2 types of characters, namely the traditional Chinese or zhuyin that is made up of 37 characters or a simpler Chinese version known as pinyin. The modified QWERTY keyboard features the traditional English layout, but additionally features matching basic Chinese characters against each letter as well as numbers too.

Users that need to type in Chinese can begin typing the appropriate letter and watch a small box appear after each letter that further offers the matching zhuyin or pinyin character based on the phonetic spelling. The user can choose the appropriate character from the pop-up list and proceed to the next character or word. A complex Chinese spellchecker program might help to some extent in pointing out errors simply because Chinese is more of a spoken language than a written one and when it comes to typing then it certainly is slow work.

In addition to actual QWERTY keyboards with printed Chinese characters on each key, virtual keyboards too are available on several websites that could help users although that would further slow down the typing process. On the other hand, improved software to match actual QWERTY keyboards is helping the Chinese to type at a faster rate with fewer mistakes. This keyboard design has enabled many Chinese to get back to their roots and begin typing again in their preferred language while also helping students type in Chinese using the familiar QWERTY layout.

While the QWERTY keyboard has been based on the English language, other languages too are now adapting and benefitting thanks to modifications being done to the keyboard while retaining the traditional design. The Chinese are quickly adapting to this new design while improved software helps them further to happily type on in their native language.