NTEP Scale- Building Trust Between Strangers

Mankind has worked together to put in place the tremendous progress we have seen over the centuries. Did all the humans who worked together know each other when they started to collaborate and help each other achieve their goals? Well no but even though they were strangers to start with they quickly found that collaboration was possible if trust got established. And one of the keys to establishing trust was the standardization of weights and measures. But standardization of weights and measures is not enough. The equipment involved in the weight measurement process should be fair and trustworthy as well.

And so there was a need felt to have a system by which weighing scales would be certified to be delivering an accurate and reliable performance over the life of the scale. The administration put in place a method and all the resources the implementation of the method required and NTEP scales are the outcome. Once a weight is measured by an NTEP scale two strangers will agree that it is the right weight within the prescribed level of accuracy. And this vital piece of enabling strangers to have trust lies at the heart of the NTEP program which keeps pace with the developments in the industry and once a technology is established you can soon start to have NTEP certified scales that have that technology.

An indirect benefit is that since these scales are subjected to very stringent tests only the top quality manufacturers take up the challenge. And then to make sure such a legal for trade scale gets certified by the authority you can expect that only the best components are used in a very refined design. Even the slightest compromise carries a risk because the products are tested quite exhaustively. In a very short time a product is made to perform the number of operations it is expected to perform in its entire lifetime running into years. And that way whatever has to fail fails and the product will need to be improved.

You as a buyer have to pay a little more for NTEP approved scales but the small amount you pay extra is much less than the effort you would have to make to evaluate and check the scale on your own.