Online Education – Distance Learning Technology And The Two Factors That Cause Most Students To Fail

Most people pursue distance learning because it is an easy way to cram an education into a busy lifestyle. Those are the benefits but lets take a quick look at the factors to succeeding in your online education.

The Technology

Because a large part of the course work is accomplished and directed through the schools website, it will be necessary for the student to have some essentials in order to succeed in their distance learning career. Now it should go without saying that since this form of learning is online that a computer with a high speed Internet connection and a good browser are essential elements.

So a computer that can handle the use of online audio, video and image files will be an expense item if you don?t have one already. And it would be helpful if you were reasonably proficient with word processing before you start classes, since, as a lot of papers will need to be written.

That takes care of technology now lets look at you…

Your Character Traits For Success

One of the key reasons people choose an online education is for the freedom it offers. And it is true that for the most part you will be able to schedule your studies to fit your daily routines in a way that fits your lifestyle best. These are great benefits to this style of learning

However with this freedom comes the possibility for slacking off and not completing the course materials. This brings us to the first reason most students fail: Self-Discipline. You will need to have a certain measure of self-discipline to push yourself to complete the study and papers without a professor spoonfeedng you the information.

Along with this will be the need for initiative since most course work is given in a manner that allows the freedom to individualize the assignments. This means that you will have to direct the assignments yourself without lots of direction from your professor, nor help from fellow students.

If you think you have want it takes then getting an education online via distance learning may be one of the best things to happen to your life.