Preparing For Graduation Day

Every one of us have to face this day at least once in our lifetime. It is a fulfilling experience brimming with vigour and excitement. Of course there is the saddening farewell part that wells ups tears in everyone?s eyes.

It begins with everyone walking to their college with normal clothes. A fun filled classroom shoots the roof with excitement. No more books and studies for a very long time. While some catch up with friends others talk to their teachers on the old times and the fun times they had in college.

But before the main photograph session begins there is the Graduation speech. The principal or dean of the college or professor talks to all the students, family members and friends who have come to attend the ceremony. The speech usually has a moral that graduating students can take forward in their life. Sometimes a speech is also given from one of the students; a smart and deserving candidate is privileged to the speech.

If you have been given the opportunity then certainly do not turn it down. It is a chance of a lifetime. Instead of wobbling your knees get your act together and jot down all the points you will have to cover. You can take help from your professor to know what all are to be covered. Go on to the net, check some earlier graduation student speeches and then get started. Rehearse it plenty of times. It?s nice to see someone talking with eye contact then reading though a paper. So try to learn some of the sentences without the need of looking it the text. Preparing for graduation day will then be a piece of cake.

After the speeches, the giving away of the degree certificate commences. And after that the favourite of everyone, the group photo. Say cheese and mortarboards go flying in the air. Flashbulbs go click click and students feel like a star. Well you are a star on the graduation day so make the most of it.