Scholarship Program For Hispanic Students

Pursuing college education can be very expensive. Hispanic and minority students often have to face great financial difficulty in this regard. But considering the wide array of grants and scholarship opportunities available out there, it should not be very difficult to find a good scholarship program for Hispanic students. There can be several sources that provide these opportunities, such as private foundations, nonprofit associations, and governments. Governments generally do not provide grants for specific ethic races. All low-income students, including Hispanics, can take advantage of the various government grants. The following is a step-by-step guide on finding free scholarship, especially for Hispanic students.

Nonprofit Foundations

Several nonprofit organizations also offer some of the best grants and scholarships. However, the basic requirements and provisions of the programs offered by different foundations may vary significantly. The applicant must be a Hispanic. Some foundations also require the applicant to have certain limited financial resources available. Students with better grade points can easily qualify for a scholarship program offered by these nonprofit foundations. The Hispanic Fund Institute and the Hispanic College Fund are two biggest foundations that offer grant opportunities, especially for Hispanics.

Business Organizations

There are several business organizations that provide educational scholarship for Hispanic students. Eligible applicants may take advantage of these opportunities. Businesses, such as Microsoft, Aetna, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart, run special foundations for this purpose. The scholarship funds might be granted through universities, colleges, and schools or directly by the foundations run by these companies. The scholarship program is usually designed for specific majors that the applicant is willing to pursue, such as science, engineering, computer, and business.


HACA stands for Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. This association is another great place to find grant opportunities. Several universities and colleges, especially the ones that have a large number of Hispanic students enrolled in various courses, are members of this association. Any Hispanic applicant who is willing to get enrolled in a school that is a member of this association can take advantage of the school scholarship programs offered by the association.

Direct Opportunities From Universities And Colleges There are several universities and colleges that want to increase the population of Hispanic students in their campus. These academic institutions are always willing to help the qualifying students financially through various grants and scholarships. There is a financial services office in these institutions that run scholarship program.


Directories for university scholarship for Hispanic students make another great resource to find some good grant opportunities. You can access these directories either online or in local public libraries. These online or book guides do not provide funds but some valuable information about which organizations are offering what kinds of grants and scholarships.

When nothing works, you can always apply for a scholarship program run by the government. It is true that the federal and state governments generally do not have specific programs for Hispanics, but they do provide grants for low-income students. You just have to go through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application process.