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Studying Away – Study Abroad with this interactive guide to Universities, International Schools, Colleges and Language Schools. We help you find the perfect college, university, remote learning courses, international primary, secondary or language school.

Studying Away is an international resource for people looking to study abroad. We are experts in moving people abroad for work having created the hugely popular expatriate network of sites including Expat Jobs, Expat Rentals and Expat Pages. We have now turned our attention to those of you wanting to gain an education in a foreign country.

Whether it’s high tuition fees at home, or whether it’s that you are looking to study in one of the top class and world renowned universities of Western Europe and the US, we can introduce you to the right establishment for your needs. We have a wide selection at all levels of colleges and schools and have included as many first-hand testimonials from students actually studying there in web video format to help you decide. We also have a database of local Education Agents that we can put you in touch with to guide you through the process of applying and being accepted onto your chosen course. We believe we can help you in an essential gateway to studying abroad.

Universities such as Uppsala University ranked among the top universities in Studying Away. Today Uppsala University leads the world in several fields. Uppsala University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. We are a revered and a forward-looking University. Perhaps our greatest strength is found in our living traditions and the will to constantly renew ourselves.

We have accepted the challenge of educating students to be future leaders that can work in an ever more globalized and unstable world. Our students are the future. The life of the student here is unique, and the University lives in symbiosis with the city of culture.

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