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Study Abroad- Experience International Learning Standards

The number of students wanting to pursue international education is increasing with every passing year. Going out of one’s own country gives an opportunity to understand different cultures besides exploring a new land. Apart from that, the standards of learning abroad are exceptional and unmatched. A student, who wishes to accomplish his education abroad, gets home beautiful memories to cherish… Read more →

International Residential School – A Ticket to Foreign Universities

It is every parent’s dream to give their children the best schooling experience that can help them get ready for the future. Exposure to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, advanced learning tools, well equipped classrooms, experienced faculties can give your child the right mind frame to have a panoramic view on complicated global issues. International residential schools hone not just… Read more →

Is International Baccalaureate a Good Program For Your Child?

Many international schools like Canadian International School in Bangalore offer International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma to high achievers and highly motivated students as an option at their pre-university levels. IB Diploma is an internationally recognized programme which prepares students for university life ahead. Founded by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and based in Geneva, Switzerland, the programme has set uniform standard all… Read more →