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Why Should I Learn A Foreign Language?

More and more software programs, electronic devices, and websites devoted to foreign languages are being developed daily. Why all the excitement? Why would YOU want to learn a foreign language? Job Advancement – Get the Competitive Edge Many large corporations and government agencies have positions requiring a second language. In a country like Canada, which is officially bilingual, someone who… Read more →

English Language Homestay

Many international students prefer to learn the English language in England as it can be easier to pick up the language if you are surrounded by people who natively speak that language. There are many ways to go about this, whether it’s studying in an English school, staying with a family, or staying on an English language homestay whereby you… Read more →

Communicative Language Teaching

Communicative Language Teaching / Learning Approach Speaking English for students is a task met with enthusiasm and fear, for that reason, language teachers find it difficult to encourage them to participate in classroom activities during English class. One of the most effective ways to enhance students’ oral communication skills is via communicative language teaching approach. Wood (2005) stated that language… Read more →