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Studying Away

Studying Away – Study Abroad with this interactive guide to Universities, International Schools, Colleges and Language Schools. We help you find the perfect college, university, remote learning courses, international primary, secondary or language school. Studying Away is an international resource for people looking to study abroad. We are experts in moving people abroad for work having created the hugely popular… Read more →

Avail Benefits And Advantages Of Studying in Australia

Every year many international students choose Australia as their preferred location for studying. Australia offers world class education system, in a modern and technologically advanced society. Moreover, Australia is a very beautiful country considered to be one of the best places to live in the world. Study abroad is a dream for every student and when it comes to Australia,… Read more →

How to Develop Good Studying Habits

One of the most difficult things for many people in high school is developing the study skills that are necessary to become a good student. If you find that you are having a difficulty in this area, here are some tips that can assist you in developing those high school study skills so that you can begin applying them in… Read more →

Studying in UK is Now Hassle Free

Did you know that UNESCO conducted a survey according to which the amount of students going for their studies to Australia has increased to 221{62753bda712f8726ff506772054b8eb8cc86c22a15ff97c29e4cab436a2dfc3b} since 1990 and in UK it has increased to 148{62753bda712f8726ff506772054b8eb8cc86c22a15ff97c29e4cab436a2dfc3b}. This survey interestingly also shows that the increased number for US is only 11{62753bda712f8726ff506772054b8eb8cc86c22a15ff97c29e4cab436a2dfc3b}. There are various reasons why people choose to pursue their studies… Read more →