Thank Your Guru For The Person You Are Today!

She scolded us on being naughty, she rewarded us on our achievements and encouraged us to think big and dream bigger! She is our ‘teacher’. Since time immemorial teachers have had a special place in our hearts. Especially Indians, they place on a much higher pedestrian, next to God. In India, we have always honored our teachers with respect and love. Teachers hold an equivalent role in a student’s life as his parents in remodeling him into a socially responsible personality. When talking about our childhood, teachers are an essential part of our reminiscence. A good teacher can do wonders to a student’s future.

Our ‘Sirs’ and ‘Madams’ are, and will always be our guiding light mentoring us in personal and professional endeavors. Teachers are always looked upon as a source of inspiration and knowledge. They teach us the morals and ethics of life and create conditions conducive to our overall development. Words are not enough to pay gratitude to the person has made a difference by his/her presence. Teacher’s day is one day dedicated solely to teachers and their efforts in bringing about positive changes in young student’s lives. Celebrated on the 5th of September, it is a day to pay tribute and thank our teachers for their unconditional love and dedication towards imparting education. Teacher’s Day is celebrated as a mark of respect to Dr. Radhakrishnan, a remarkable scholar and teacher. His birth date falls on the same date.

The day is rejoiced with full zest and fervor in reverence to ‘Teacher’. Our Gurus are relieved of their responsibilities and left to enjoy their day to the maximum. Sometimes students get dressed as teachers and take classes, while at times teachers themselves become students and attend classes to relive their learning days or they are also taken out for a whole day outing just to make them feel special and loved. Schools and other educational institutes organize nice functions and performances. Such shows are usually put up by students specially to entertain their teachers. Besides paying respect and reverence to our mentors, teacher’s day is also an appropriate occasion to encourage healthy interaction between students and teachers.

There is always at least one teacher who has taught us the lessons of life, who has made us what we are today, who has give us extra time and care to help us learn those boring chapters! Thank your teachers for enlightening you with knowledge and giving you the confidence to face the world with poise and conviction. Thank them for being an important part of your existence. Send them flowers or take them out for lunch or simply thank your childhood teacher and make her feel special on this wonderful day dedicated to our ‘Gurus’.

Rejoice this day to the fullest with your mentor, a very happy Teacher’s Day to allfrom Kesari !