The Benefits of Apprenticeships And Learnerships

Apprenticeships help bring fresh talent to light. Governments and organizations all around the world are considering ways to increase the number of apprenticeships and learnerships, which greatly enhance students’ knowledge and career prospects. Some of the key benefits of pursuing apprenticeships and learnerships in South Africa are listed below.

The advantages of an apprenticeship in South Africa

Earn while you learn: As an apprentice, you will have a real job and also get paid accordingly. Apprenticeship is often the first time a person works and like regular jobs, you are paid from day one. As you improve at your job, your pay may also increase. Some places provide funding for equipment, clothing and important books that are required for apprenticeships in South Africa. Apprentices also receive other employee benefits like canteen discounts, leisure facilities and pension contributions.

Learn on the job: As an apprentice, you will learn on the job. Apprenticeship programs help you build a good knowledge and skill base. While you learn, you also gain qualification and earn. Although apprenticeships are like real jobs, they allow you to work towards higher qualifications. The value of apprenticeship is understood and held in high regard all over the country. Being a successful apprentice exhibits good knowledge and training background. Apprenticeships can vary between one and four years. The length of your apprenticeship in South Africa depends on its type and level. The length also varies on your individual ability to meet the employer’s requirement.

Help and support: During an apprenticeship, your employer will ensure you have sufficient support. He will make sure that the training you receive suits your personal requirements and career goals. If you face any hardships or challenges during your apprenticeship, it is the job of your employer to guide and help you.

Prospects: Apprenticeships are often challenging, but they are equally rewarding. They train students in skills that are desired by employers, opening up various avenues in terms or career prospects. Various levels that are offered include the intermediate, advanced and high level apprenticeships. Universities often welcome students who have undergone an apprenticeship and even offer higher qualification courses as the experience gathered in apprenticeships is held in high regard.

Career options: Apprenticeships help prepare you for the industry that you train in. Many employers offer good apprenticeship programs that can help take your career forward. The one suited best to you depends on your specific interests, experience and the opportunities available.

The advantages of a learnership in South Africa

Learnership programs comprise of theory as well as practical learning in a workplace. Students who participate in learnership programs in South Africa get trained in technical skills that are work specific and life skill as well. Before entering into a learnership program, a contract is drawn between the employer, the trainer and the learner, which is signed by them once all three come to an agreement of its terms and conditions. The advantages of a learnership include:

Increased productivity: Learnership programs include a high percentage of on the job training, making it possible to achieve a lot more than you do through other more conventional forms of learning. The hands on experience gained from learnership programs is smoothly twined with relevant theory. Because of the nature of learnerships in South Africa, students come out as skilled professionals.

No loss of income: These programs give you the opportunity to make money while you learn. The skills included in learnership programs are directly related to your industry. Learners often cannot afford to waste time in full-time educational programs, which are expensive and do not leave room for earning money.

Exposure: Learnership programs are a great way to gain exposure of the industry and current trends. Being a part of the industry will give you exposure that is hard to attain though just text books. This increases your competitiveness and capabilities. It helps make you aware of the industry giving you a perspective on operations. It teaches you to work independently with minimal supervision. Learnership programs enhance your problem solving skills that are critical across all industries.

A great launch pad: Learnerships in South Africa create a strong foundation for further education and also give you the opportunity to get qualified via a structured learning program. These qualifications are recognized nationally and are portable between companies. They also provide a sound basis for personal development. The standards of work and job satisfaction are increased for those who undergo these programs. If you perform well at these programs, you even have the opportunity of getting promoted within the organization.