The Sales Engineer

The Sales Engineer is responsible for important missions whose purpose is to increase demand by promoting the offer. Thus, it makes the sale of products and services offered by the company, mainly to increase the turnover. Often assigned to a specific geographic area or a target market, its function is to manage and develop the customer portfolio. Under the authority of the sales manager, he is studying customer needs and develop a strategy for their solutions. Ensuring relationships with clients, customers and maintains the portfolio simultaneously seeking new contracts to increase the volume of business. For the realization of a new product, the sales engineer to help design specifications and generally participates in the implementation of trade policy within the company.

Characteristics of engineering business

The remuneration of the sales engineer is generally fixed and variable compensation case is proportional to the number of contracts signed with customers. Early in his career, the annual gross salary is around 30,000 Euros and an experienced engineer receives around 50,000 Euros. The highest salaries are in the computer industry as sales engineers are in high demand due to the rapid evolution of technology and strong competition among professionals. Thus, the compensation can motivate them and keep them in business. In addition, the sales engineer job requires high availability due to frequent travel domestically or abroad and for long-term contracts, the engineer must be willing to relocate.

There are five levels of expertise and professional experience after they determine compensation. A sales engineer began as an intern before becoming a junior, confirmed, and finally senior expert. At this stage, it may become sales manager, department head or district manager. It can also be integrated into other services such as marketing or consulting.

Training to become a sales engineer

The minimum level of education required to become an engineer is bac + 5. Must graduate in an engineering school and training of third cycle dedicated to marketing techniques. Some engineering schools include courses in their curricula commercial establishments and more general as the NHI, the Central UTT UTC or offer specializations in business or sales, etc.. Conversely, the diplomas awarded by the business school are accepted if they are associated with a technical specialization.

It is preferable that the sales engineer is specialized in a sector or in a technical field, to increase its performance. Knowledge of customer needs is critical to maintain and increase the market share of the company. It can lead a sales team, decide on solutions to take in case of technical problems and work in partnership with a sales engineer whose job is very similar to that of commercial engineer.

The profile of a sales engineer

The best sales engineer is an independent, organized, with an analytical mind and a great sense of relationships. He can speak to the customer and knows how to proceed for loyalty. In addition, it must have good listening skills, adaptability and negotiation. It is able to withstand stress, having a combative character and responsive. He has mastered the argument and sales techniques, and perseveres in his actions. He has technical skills, combined with a knowledge of marketing. It must be cultivated, mainly in the field of economy, knowing the business sector and easily understand the new technologies. The common practice of several languages, including English, is recommended. Additional skills are required by the recruiting company. If the company works in the field of computer engineering, sales engineer will manage a project and adapt to market needs. By cons, for a software publishing company, one of the qualities sought is creativity in the proposed commercial offers customer-oriented.