Tig Time A Weekend Warrior's Guide to Becoming a Tig Legend

Canonsburg, PA March 8, 2012 — TIG is widely regarded as one of the most difficult processes out there, especially to a Weekend Warrior. This is precisely why has teamed up with world renowned TIG expert, Wyatt Swaim (more commonly referred to as Mister TIG), to put together the online video series, TIG Time: The Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Becoming a TIGWelding Legend!

To date, over 13 videos full of weldingtips have been released covering topics from how to weld Aluminum, to purchasing your first auto darkening helmet, and even automating the TIG welding process. The format of the series is to start out by creating a three part series on how to weld each type of (common and exotic) metal. Part one of each series begins with the very basics and how to set up, part two is all about showing technique and pointers while welding on “samples”, and part three will be on location welding on real-life applications.

along with Mr. TIG explain each and every process in an easy to learn manner and this simplification is to even a new learner. This initiative taken by is worth appreciating shows you the ways of becoming an expert in welding. You are gradually going to learn tricks and techniques for welding a simple to a complex thing. Very soon the beginner will start feeling like an expert with the help of expert programs and techniques. A weekend warrior can become a master in welding after religiously following every step. From a simple to complex, any type of metal can be welded by using techniques explained by Mr. TIG.

After learning the basics in the very initial step, you gradually get shifted to the next one. Here the learner gets to perform experiments on samples. In the final step after almost mastering the tricks of welding, the learner will be taken on field to work on some real-life applications. These simple steps can change your life forever and are able to transform you from a weekend warrior to an expert in welding.

Nothing is more satisfying in this world than to performing your own job, all by yourself. No need to call a welder from outside when an expert is already inside the house. Your legendary journey of becoming a TIG expert becomes interesting with “TIG Time-A Weekend Warriors Guide to Becoming a TIG Legend”.

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