Using The Internet to Learn Online

Back in the old days when someone wanted to learn something new they had to ask someone else or pick up the newspaper. People back then also had the option of visiting a library or reading books in the family collection. Not only was up-to-date research and information unavailable in most cases, but very hard to come by unless you were in education and had access to news publications and science journals.

Luckily, with the advent of modern technology and especially the internet, people from all over the world have instant access to information online. It is very easy to share your thoughts and ideas with the world and even publish your own articles on the web. Since everyone has the ability to add information to the internet knowledge-base then you have to be careful to cross-check everything you read for factual errors. We’d like to share with you some popular sources for information as well as some tips to help you find the answers you are looking for.

Now Google is the Big Daddy of Search engines and the most popular by far. Google has some of the most advanced internet search algorithms and largest index of websites in the world. It is very important to familiarize yourself with Google and learn how to use the search engine correctly.

When you search on Google you will notice that the first results are Advertisements, which means businesses paid to have their sites listed at the top and might not be the most relevant to your search. Often times they will be soliciting for paid products and services. Scroll past the Paid Ads and you will see the actual search results based on link popularity and relevance.

It’s worth noting that Google is not always the most up-to-date or accurate and there are several other Search Engines that can sometimes yield valuable results. is a search engine that shows results from several of the top search engines. and are two other large search engines that have different useful features.

is one of the most popular websites to use as a reference for information. The online encyclopedia is user-edited meaning anyone can submit articles and edit existing ones. This proves to be very helpful with researching topics and keeping up-to-date, but can also allow for incorrect data to be published. You will notice a lot off times when searching Google that Wikipedia will come up near the top. Be careful to check sources and make sure of the legitimacy of the claims presented.

Youtube is an absolutely amazing innovation that has allowed the public to broadcast their own videos to the world. This proves very rewarding for learning about things that interest you. Search for How-to’s, tutorials, Reviews, Opinions, news and everything in between to watch for free. YouTube is definitely an important tool for learning and researching. Be sure to read the comments to learn even more about what people are saying.

Other Tips

The most important thing to remember when surfing the internet and researching information is to always read more than one source. Don’t just click on the first Link in Google and stop there. Read as many website as possible and even read the comments on the articles. This is what learning online is all about.

The fact of the matter is no single person has all the wisdom of the world. We have to get all the pieces together in order to put the puzzle together. People have been wrong on more than one occasion and that’s why the internet has been one of the best contributions to mankind that has brought the world together.