Which Smartphones Should You Want To Buy In 2009?

Smartphones have always been big business, but this year, they’re set to get even bigger, and a selection of new phones in 2009 look set to make them all the more important: the Nokia N97, the Toshiba TG01, and the astounding Palm Pre.

Nokia N97 – a touch of Symbian

If we’re discussing smartphone software, Symbian has always been one of the big names in the market, and the most up-to-date, touch-based version continues that upstanding tradition, in the body of the Nokia N97. You don’t just get a touchscreen, though, since the Nokia N97 has also got a full QWERTY keyboard, that makes texting, live chat and emails so easy to do on the move. As for what else it can do, the Nokia N97 will also impress with its 5 MP camera, awesome multimedia player (which includes video playback that simply has to be seen to be truly appreciated), a huge 32Gb of storage space, and super-fast web access. Basically, the Nokia N97 is amongst the best phones in existence.

Toshiba TG01 – Windows, but nice

Whilst Symbian has been evolving competitors Microsoft haven’t been resting on their laurels, and the new phone to show off Windows Mobile is the super-powerful Toshiba TG01. It doesn’t just have the biggest screen ever found on a mobile phone, weighing in at 4.1 inches, but the Toshiba TG01 also has the most powerful processor ever used in a mobile phone. Dubbed Snapdragon, the 1GHz, multi-core chipset gives the Toshiba TG01 raw power, and since that’s what’s needed to let Windows Mobile run at its optimum level, the Toshiba TG01 is arguably the best WinMo phone that’s ever been announced.

Palm Pre – the new hotness

However, there’s a new kind on the block, which wants to take the smartphone crown all for itself. The Nokia N97 and the Toshiba TG01 both both have raw power, but what the new Palm Pre goes for is sheer elegance. With the brand new, unprecedented ‘WebOS’ powering it, the Palm Pre brings touch-friendly interactions and innovative design to a whole new level. For example, consider the new Fandango software which should be available when the Palm Pre is launched. It’s an online cinema booking app, which lets you purchase tickets and watch trailers on your phone. However, even the Nokia N97 will most likely be able to do that. The Palm Pre, however, can also automatically add a note in your calendar, and contact people who are going with you, to let them know when and where. It’s that kind of integration, and interplay between features that makes the Palm Pre the best candidate for phone of the year.