Why You Should Know Vacuum Cleaner Consumer Rating

Buying a vacuum is not always such an easy task. People who are serious about finding quality vacuums usually take the time and effort to test brands and read brand reviews. This is where a consumer rating for vacuums would come in handy. Knowing consumer ratings for specific products and brands can help you pick the right vacuum for you. Given below are some vacuum types and what consumers look for when they rate a specific type.


Most consumers know exactly what to look for first when they rate an upright vacuum. This kind of vacuum is usually the cheapest kind so the price of an upright vacuum is always one primary consideration. Buyers would also be interested to look into this kind of vacuum’s features such as its easy storage feature and its one piece design. Upright vacuums with great consumer ratings would most likely have a price range from $5 to $400.

Canister Vacuum

Since canisters are supposed to be superior when cleaning bare floors, this is one feature that would have to be a main consideration. Aside from this main feature, consumer ratings are also usually based on what attachments or accessories are included in a canister vacuum product. This kind of vacuum is also often rated according to how much noise it makes. Vacuums of this sort are supposed to be comparatively low in noise production.

Central Vacuums

It is difficult to find a lot of reliable consumer ratings for this kind of vacuum. Central vacuums are installed into a home structure during construction or during a separate installation procedure. It would probably take some expert skill and knowledge to be able to give a good consumer ratings for central vacuums. At the most, consumers can rate the services of the installation company and probably the product’s attachments and suction capabilities. The price too would be something to consider. Installation fees would be around an average of $750 while a reasonably priced unit would cost around $500 to $1200.

Handheld Vacuum

Handhelds by nature are supposed to be very handy to carry around. Portability therefore is the main feature to consider when coming up with a consumer rating for this product. Aside from portability, ease of storage and the kinds of accessories are also things to consider. A consumer would also often be interested in the battery capacity of a handheld vacuum. This is because this kind of vacuum is usually used in the car where there is no electric current source. A handheld that checks well in all of these necessary features would get a good consumer rating as long as it falls within the reasonable price range of $20 to $100.

This is how a vacuum cleaner consumer rating is arrived at. Again, it seems that they are rated in this order: Price, structure, accessories included, and how powerful the vacuums are. Most consumer ratings can be fair but there are some that tend to be outrageous and sometimes exaggerated, especially if a consumer is not particularly fond of a certain brand. Ultimately, it is a good vacuum cleaner consumer rating that will help future buyers in their decision to make the best vacuum purchase.